Babak Ahteshamipour


Babak Ahteshamipour (born 1994 in Arak, Iran) lives and works in Athens, Greece since 2000. His practice is ironic yet critical, incorporating humor and tension. The works are of socio-political, ethical and existential concerns, with an interest situated in exploring the interaction between an organism and its reality. He works with painting / drawing, music / sound, writing, video and objects, or a combination of these mediums. He has performed alongside acte vide, HELM, Ghone, The Callas, Rita Mosss, Yannis Kotsonis, and more, at Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago), Radio alHara (Ramallah), Romantso (Athens), Cobra High (Athens), (Athens), Ride Cycle Culture Cafe (Chania) and more. He has participated in online and physical exhibitions of arebyte (London), Cobra High (Athens), (Athens), PS.:, Communitism (Athens), ERGO Collective (Athens), Ride Cycle Culture Cafe (Chania), nextmuseum, NRW-Forum (Düsseldorf), Nature, Art & Habitat Residency (NAHR), (Teleggio Valley, North Italy), The Wrong and more. He also holds a Msc in Mineral Resources Engineering from the Technical University of Crete.