Marwan Chamaa is a Lebanese/ American painter, designer, and storyteller.Marwan Chamaa is a Lebanese/ American painter, designer, and storyteller.His art spans over three decades of thematic interpretations of the worldaround him. It is fundamentally his view of the world as he sees it with anironic and sometimes sarcastic undertone.Born in Beirut – Lebanon, raised in Munich – Germany, and having lived in theUSA for more than a decade, exposed him to different cultures and formedhim into the eclectic versatile artist he is today, viewing the world andinterpreting it through diverse mediums.Marwan Chamaa’s art journey began in the mid eighties at the AmericanUniversity of Beirut and two years later at the Beirut University College (nowknown as the Lebanese American University) where he enrolled in the finearts and graphic design department. In the late 80s he was enrolled in theCorcoran School of Art in Washington DC, where he focused on fine arts andcomputer art, which at the time was just in its infant stages.His background in graphic design/ fine arts and interest in the consumer worldled him in the late eighties to co-found with two college mates Art Factory, agraphic design production house that served as a vehicle for launchingcreative ideas in the advertising world. Art Factory as a commercial entity hasseized to exist; it now serves as the engine behind various creative projects.Throughout his career, his surroundings manifested themselves in his work.His physical world is his muse.