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Vassilis Perros is a painter, illustrator and designer who lives and works in Athens, Greece – where he was born in 1981. Enrolling at the Athens School of Fine Arts in 1999, he studied painting under Yiannis Valavanidis and Michalis Manousakis and set design under Yiorgos Ziakas. He was awarded scholarships in 2002, 2003 and 2004 and graduated summa cum laude in 2005.Since then, he has represented Greece at the Biennale of Paper, “Cartasia 2016”, in Lucca, Italy and at the 5th International Meeting of Fine Arts Schools in the Mediterranean in Genoa, Italy in 2004. He was awarded the prize of the 3rd Bienalle of Students of the Fine Arts Schools of Greece in 2004 and the Eurobank Private Scholarship in 2005. In addition to five solo exhibitions, Vassili has participated in over 50 group exhibitions, illustrated book covers and record sleeves, and designed sets for numerous stage performances. His work has been acquired by private collections around the world.

Solo exhibitions

2015 A Retrospective, Art Gallery L-S Elouda, Crete

2014 Project Suitcase Alpha C.K Art Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

2013 I carry my home – I carry it in my heart, Skoufa Gallery, Athens

2009 Alpha C.K Art Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

2008 Allegories, Athens Art Gallery, Athens

Group exhibitions

2018 Maria Calas,Eternal source of inspiration, Athens, Eugenides Foundation (curated by Liana Skourli

2018 Grayscale, Ikastikos Kyklos DL, Athens

2018 The charms of the butterfly, A tribute to Federico Garcia Lorca, IANOS Art Hall, Athens

2018 Excavation in Athens, Ena Contemporary Gallery, Athens (curated by Nikos Vatopoulos)

2017 3rd Award of European Painting, Frissiras Museum, Athens

2016 Cartasia, Biennale Internazionale della Carta, Lucca, Italy

2013 Incidents IV – works from the collection of Anthony and Asia Hadjioannou, Art Gallery of the Cyclades, Syros

2013 Talking of the future, Melina Cultural Center

2013 Art vs. Crisis, Porta Art Gallery, Thissio, Athens (curated by Dimitra Limniati)

2013 Invisible Company – Visual Arta approaches to the poetical world of C.P Cavafy, Ianos Art Gallery, Mehmet Ali Residence(Philippi, Thassos Festival)

2012 The secrets of the garden, Ianos Art Gallery, Athens

2012 90 postcards from Smyrna, Ianos Art Gallery, Athens (Athens and Thessaloniki), Folklore Museum of Aegina

2012 To be…, visual art tribute to William Shakespear, Ianos Art Gallery, Athens

2012 The truth is always irrational, A tribute to Papadiamantis, Melina Cultural Center, Arcaeological Museum of Patras

2012 Children and adolescents, voices and whispers, Melina Cultural Center, Athens

2011 Survival Kit, Genesis Gallery, Athens

2010 Human Scales, Melina Cultural Center, Athens

2010 Tracing Istanbul, Sismanogleio, Istanbul

2010 Johannes Gennadius, Gennadius Library, Athens

2010 New Gazes, ATRION Gallery, Thessaloniki

2009 It happened in Athens, Melina Cultural Center, Athens

2008 Aegina of the painters, Melina Cultural Center, Folklore Museum of Aegina

2008 12 young visual artists, Avgi Newspaper, Melina Cultural Center, Athens

2007 The Nomads Gallery, Casa Bianca Cultural Center, Thessaloniki

2006 Once upon a time there was Penelope Delta, Athens College

2006 Same but different, Athens Art Gallery, Athens

2006 Honours Graduates of the ASFA 2005, Foundation of the Hellenic World

2005 European Conference on Visual Arts Education, Technopolis, Municipality of Athens, Gazi

2004 3rd Biennale of Students of the Greek Schools of Fine Arts, Creta Maris Hotel, Herakleion, Crete – awarded Prize

2004 V Convegno delle Accademie del Mediterraneo –La mostra, Commenda di Prè–, Genoa


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