10 Jan 2018 - 10 Feb 2018

Elena Papadimitriou


18.01 – 10.02/2018

The first solo exhibition by Elena Papadimitriou titled “Sabir” opens on Thursday, February 18, at 19:30. The exhibition will be open until Saturday, February 10, 2018.

The exhibition includes works from the recent series by the artist on women from the Mediterranean region and bears distinct references to the issues around immigration.

Papadimitriou’s women, who come from 23 different Mediterranean countries and speak various languages and dialects, are suppliants who use a common tongue spoken mostly in the ports and forgotten for centuries, named “Sabir”.

The artist recounts a prayer, which evolves in the space in the form of a visual installation. The use of mixed media creates rough surfaces with a bas relief feel, which, covered with words, faces and symbols, rouse the senses of the viewer and take him to a journey around the Mediterranean Sea.

As Louisa Karapidaki, the curator of the exhibition notes: “her images express vague thoughts and emotions, such as a woman’s innermost need to appeal to a higher power, to a “deus ex machina”, to dream of a better future.”

*Sound Installation by Kostas Moschos