Falling man

14 Nov 2019 - 07 Dec 2019

“Falling man”

14.11 – 7.12/2019

Skoufa Gallery presents Vasilis Soulis’ solo painting exhibition, entitled “Falling Man” on Thursday, November 9 at 7:30 pm. The exhibition will run until December 7, 2019.

Vasilis Soulis’ new painting exhibition “Falling Man” borrows its title from the homonymous novel by Don Delillo, and consists of a body of work made in the last two years. The thematic core of the paintings approaches portraits of people of contemporary age inside deconstructed and crumbled environments. In the painting canvas of the artist, human figures intensely express despair and hopelessness, in an agonized effort to escape from the existing deconstructed environment. The use of intense colors and the color blaze add moments of dynamic energy in the total narrative set. Even the depiction of wild animals functions in a symbolic dimension, expressing the existential agony and struggle with everyday as well as innermost issues.

As Manos Stefanidis refers in his exhibition note «In his third solo exhibition {…} Vasilis Soulis presents the fruits of his artistic maturity and the wide range of his accomplishments, in relation to the form and its structure, as well as to the narration and the plethora of mysteries and emotions that encompass. People in their limits, people screaming, hysterically laughing, sober people in their despair, falling people {…} Even when Vasilis Soulis paints animals, attacking bulls, tigers in orgasm, he is still thinking of humans. His symbolisms, metaphors or more precisely the connotations are readily visible. Though, I would like to point out in this short text that we are witnessing an authentic painting, dense in content and language, with all of its contradictions and achievements. And this is not little at all”.