19 Nov 2016 - 06 Dec 2016

Group Exhibition

19.11 – 06.12/2016

The group exhibition entitled “THE NAΙVE” will be inaugurated on Saturday 19 November 2016, at 12.00 p.m. and will run until Tuesday 6 December 2016.

The exhibition is curated by Eleni Kalliga and Iris Kritikou.

A rare coexistence of notable old and modern Naive artworks, which invites the viewer into a refreshing and impromptu journey of events and colours. The exhibition also highlights the historical and artistic value of a timeless and global visual arts current with precious representatives in Greece.

The exhibition showcases works by significant historical and contemporary Greek Naive art representatives, some self-taught but extremely talented and others, with many years of arts education and a long career, that have chosen this original form of expression for the whole body or for a part of their work.

The works presented at Skoufa Gallery focus on Greek history, mythology, shadow theatre, as well as tradition and daily life in the city and countryside: mythological scenes and Greek adventures of bravery, traditional festivals and agricultural tasks, portraits, romantic urban memories, idyllic landscapes and seascapes, represented with spontaneous figurative and narrative eloquence, creating a colorful and pulsating panorama with equal historical, folkloric, and contemporary aesthetic value.

The exhibition “THE NAΙVE” showcases older works by:

Bost, Iris Charami, Charidimos, Ersi Chatzimichali, Nikos Christopoulos, Petros Katsas, Theofilos, Maria Pop, Sikeliotis, Sotiris & Evgenios Spatharis

Participating contemporary artists:

Giannis Amorgianos, Thanassis Bakogiorgos, Rouli Boua, Niki Eleftheriadi, Sophia Kalogeropoulou, Tassos Mantzavinos, Katie Mavromati, Ioanna Xera, Giannis Papadopoulos & Manousos Chalkiadakis

Old stone and ceramic works by the Sklavaina brothers and Hera Triantafyllidi will be also presented.