Alexi Kyritsopoulos

11 Dec 2016 - 20 Dec 2016

Solo Exhibition

11.12 – 20.12/2016

On Sunday 11th December 2016, at 12.00pm Skoufa gallery opens Alexi Kyritsopoulos’s solo exhibition “Alexi Kyritsopoulos paints the Little Prince and Antoine de Saint Exupery”. The exhibition will run until Tuesday 20th December 2016.

This show comprises of a series of paintings made to accompany Antoine de Saint- Exupery’s “Little Prince”. Alexis Kyritsopoulos describes this artistic attempt in his own words:
“ Despite the objections expressed by some of my friends, I decided to undertake the illustration of “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. When I was reading this book, I was moved by the sensitive nature of the hero, a sweet child which became our lifetime companion as a decorative object printed on mugs, plates, ties, etc.
I do not remember many scenes from the book but I remember a lonely child, a lonely flower, a tiny planet and an air pilot. “ Paint me a picture of a sheep” is a phrase I do remember. One is allowed to hug someone that he loves – in this case I am allowed to paint something that I love. Furthermore, it is a book with two protagonists that Saint- Exupery never illustrated when he first published it. Don’t you miss this? I miss it. His photographs are not enough for me. I feel like a passerby that a couple or two friends ask to take their picture – and I ask Little Prince and Saint- Exupery to say “Cheese” before I take their picture.

The book “Little Prince” translated by Alki Zei and illustrated by Alexis Kyritsopoulos is published by Metaihmio.