Athina Katsampa Production Line

20 Sep 2012 - 16 Oct 2012

20.9 – 16.10/2012

On Thursday 20th of September, Skoufa Gallery presents Athena Katsampa’s photography exhibition entitled “Production Line”

Her camera focuses on some of the most impressive Greek factories and on the production line of products such as food, medicine, cosmetics as well as fuel and industrial constructions, presenting them in an unexpected and exciting way in which the shape is not the main subject.

The artist, through abstract shots full of structure, motion and feeling and without revealing the company nor the product, achieves to depict the power of the factory, the speed of the machines and the colors of the materials as they transform in front of the lens to take the final form that we know and consume.

Athena Katsampa stated ” It was a challenge for me to photograph factories and machines because they have been made for a specific purpose, unaffected by aesthetics. My raw materials were wood and copper, milk and chocolate, sheds and storage tanks and I wanted to depict the inner beauty and power of the production line”.

Athena Katsampa was born in 1981 in Athens, were she lives and works today. She studied photography in Central Saint Martins, London and has participated in many group exhibitions. ‘Production Line” is her second solo exhibition after ”Chasing Dreams” in 2008.