Words I Often Think of

29 Mar 2012 - 26 Apr 2012

29.3 – 26.4/2012

Chronis Tsakirakakis presents his new work at Skoufa Gallery, on Thursday 29 of March, at 7:30 am. It focuses on words, but not random words. Every work and every word concerns the artist in his day to day life. Seize, Politicians, Products, Democracy, Fly, Smell, Hope, are just some of the words he presents and redefines.

He is a modern artist with distinct political concerns and references. Words, meanings, symbols and symbolisms are visualized through his personal interpretation into images that excite and astonish.

His works are sculptural paintings; they are consisted of many layers of acrylics and paper. In all the works, the colors and tones seem flat and simple, as the artist does not aim at a natural depiction of light and shade. The paper, through Chronis Tsakirakakis manipulation is transformed and its flat nature invites the viewer to explore three-dimensional scenes of colors and shapes.