16 Dec 2023 - 13 Jan 2024



Group Exhibition

Opening day: 16th December 2023, 13:00-16:00

Duration: 16th December 2023 – 13th January 2024


Skoufa Gallery proudly presents a new Christmas Group exhibition, titled ‘Dreamland’. The exhibition will open on Saturday 16th December, from 13:00-16:00, and it will run until the 13th January 2024.


‘Dreamland’ presents work by contemporary artists who collaborate with Skoufa Gallery and have established their own artistic trait. For this exhibition, all of them share a common subject which is nature and landscapes. Their paintings are dominated by colors, faces and landscapes that the spectator is called to discover and interprate.

The participant artists are: George Hadoulis, Nikos Angelidis, Vassilis Perros, Ilias Papailiakis, Irini Iliopoulou, Nikos Lagos, Panayiotis Beldekos, Tina Karageorgi, Irini Kana, Kalliopi Asargiotaki, Achilleas Razis, Maria Giannakaki, Antonis Skampavirias, Antonis Staveris, Κostas Spyriounis, Katerina Serafetinidou, Vangelis Rinas, Stathis Alexopoulos, Frangiskos Doukakis, Niki Eleftheriadi, Giannis Efthimiou, Yannis Kottis, Pavlos Samios, Panagiotis Tountas, Ioanna Kafida, Lidia Kontogiannopoulou.

Another exhibition with Tassos Mantzavinos’ work from the past year, will run simultaniously on the first floor of the gallery. Mantzavinos’ painting has a distinguished artistic dialect which combines elements from the Greek mythology with elements from the Greek and the Byzantine art. Mantzavinos’ art is an invitation to a world of memories and emotions.