11 Jul 2015 - 23 Jul 2015

The exhibition is an exploration of George Hadoulis’ fascination with the properties and physicality of strong colour and features a series of oil paintings, works on paper and collage, as well as original hand crafted and painted ceramics.

Works of distinctively Mediterranean origin, the paintings emphasise the nature of monumental seastacks, hegemonically dominating the open sea, mirroring the water and the reflections of the sun or the moon. As the art historian Elizabeth Plessa suggests, “With his favourite splitting of the painting surface in two pieces of paper, or the addition of an extra painted piece to the lower part of the work, which appears to be irrelevant to the main subject, Hadoulis succeeds in detaching the beholder from an emotional viewing of these works.”

The handmade ceramics offer an opportunity and artistic challenge to Hadoulis, that is to draw and paint with his distinctive painterly style on a surface as absorbent as paper, the ceramic fresco, but in three hand crafted dimensions.