George Kouvakis

14 Feb 2015 - 09 Mar 2015


14.2 – 09.03/2015

On Saturday 14th February 2015, at 12.30pm, Skoufa Gallery opens George Kouvakis’ solo painting exhibition with the title “Lud”. The exhibition will run until the 9th March 2015.
The title derives from the latin word Ludus which means game because Kouvakis regards his small paintings that he executes playfully in pencil as the dough for this work. The “Lud” which is exhibited at Skoufa Gallery is the result of continuous work and changes of the original playful drawings through which new, autonomous shapes and compositions emerge.
The art critic Vivi Vassilopoulou believes that Kouvakis’ drawings exceed their flat nature and become tangible. His work overcome any doubts and any playful mood and become lovable subjects, or ‘art by heart’.