0.7 to Infinity

23 Mar 2017 - 10 Apr 2017

0.7 to Infinity

Photography Exhibition

The exhibition showcases more than 70 works of the photographer’s investigation of the female nude. Photographing his models in the Cyclades, with a wide angle lens, Gerasimos Rigas moves close to the body allowing his camera to reveal the female form and the landscape in bold and unexpected ways.

Rigas’ photography could be evaluated as the product of a logical psyche, yet it can also be seen in the light of an erotic psyche, as the images of the nude women and the landscape constitute an erotic act.

Co-creating with Elias Cosindas, they explore the possibilities of photography in the darkroom. The images become a threshold of the subconscious and eliminate the borders between the body and the Cycladic landscape. The darkroom intervention reveals the photographer’s emotional involvement with his subject, making the pictures both personal and universal, geometrical and erotic.

As the director Eva Stefani indicates in the prologue of the book that accompanies the exhibition “The photographer views his subjects as sculptures, directly related to the geography of the place they were born, the Cyclades. The viewer doesn’t know whether they see a female body, or a rock. The woman’s breast becomes a crater, her hair a bush blown by the wind, her back a barren slope.”