12 Mar 2020 - 06 Jun 2020


12.3 – 06.06/2020

Skoufa Gallery is pleased to present Lamprini Boviatsou’s solo exhibition entitled “Oceanic” on Thursday March 12, 19:30. The exhibition will run until June 6ht, 2020. – 1st Floor

The point of departure of the new solo exhibition by Lamprini Boviatsou is the probe of the “oceanic feeling”, a term coined by French novelist, Romain Rolland. The oceanic feeling described as a human feeling of endlessness and fullness in order to embrace the individuality and the collective individual. The oceanic feeling is a rich source of scientific studies for researchers from philosophy, psychoanalysis and anthropology.

Lamprini Boviatsou inspired from the atmosphere and “aura” of the so called “oceanic feeling” in order to narrate visually striking stories of self-realization which enable the critical dialogue and the social concern. With a poetic point of view, the artist collects a body of new works with references to the contemporary narcissistic culture, the materiality of the human body, the relationship with nature and ecology, the self-image and the (self) observation as a tool for the construction of “reality”.

Boviatsou continues with consistency, the artistic path of “reflection” and the self-portrait practice through transmogrification. She adds a new chapter on her ongoing exploration of the self and the mirroring of the idol, with this new series of sculptural constructions and mixed media works on wood. The artist employs a plethora of materials and expressive experimentations. Dreamy female bodies with insertred objects of daily use, are playing a leading role in a surrealist cosmos of symbols and implications.

Below you will find the online exhibition catalogue: https://issuu.com/scripta_chania/docs/entypo_14x29cm_7a37d07cb97de9?fbclid=IwAR2cbwNvatgITBdahRDMHcLfGOgCGiYiB88KUIjhPU_sm2h8O809YUTwlC0


Click the link below to check out our virtual tour of the exhibition.