The Magic of Black

04 Apr 2013 - 20 Apr 2013

Mary Schina

The Magic of Black

4.4- 20.4/2013

Engravings Exhibition

On Thursday 4th of April 2013 at 7.30 p.m. is the opening of Mary Schina’s solo engravings exhibition titled ‘The Magic of Black’ at Skoufa Gallery.

The exhibition will present recent artworks created by the artist which display an altered perception of light and nature. Her aesthetic interests so far focused on displaying the qualities of light through colour, whereas in her recent works light is presented in black and white engravings.

As Eirini Orati notes:
…“Schina adds one more phase in the process of print making by processing her own black and white digital pictures taken during the summer time at night with a full moon.
Depicting a black and white photograph in the form of an engraving presents two challenges to Schina, firstly the abandonment of colour as a means of light depiction and secondly the reconsideration of the main practice of engraving making which is the balance of a black and white composition.” …