Micha Cattaui

12 Mar 2015 - 18 Apr 2015

Scars and Scares

12.03 – 18.04/2015

On Thursday 12th March at 7.30pm, Shoufa Gallery opens Micha Cattaui’s solo exhibition with the title “Scars and Scares”. The exhibition will run until Saturday 18th April.
Micha continues his examination of how meanings, materials and techniques are combined together. He tries to find the meaning of the Greek flag and the Greek identity within a consumerism, the production line and the dangers of the way we live our lives and feed ourselves.
His sculptures are x-rated when finished, showing that they have not only an apparent external but also an inner beauty. Micha’s aim is to show that the quality of our daily food intakes affects our health. Massively bred chicken, wrapped up for mass consumption remind us of the way they are farmed and the dangerous, possibly cancerous substances they may be imbued with.
The well-known statue of Nike of Samothrace is represented with atrophied chicken wings and mastectomy scars to show the effects of such an operation and its aesthetic results.