Monkey Business

09 Jun 2022 - 14 Jun 2022

Skoufa Gallery – Mykonos is pleased to present Fanis Goulis’ solo exhibition, titled “Monkey Business ”, which will be on view from the  9th to the 14th  June 2022.

The opening reception will be on the 10th of June 2022.


In our progressive society, we tend to believe that mankind has now reached the technological clinmax and is capable of controlling all aspects of life with technical media, but is this even remotely true?

In his series of paintings “Monkey Business”, Fanis Goulis throught uses the monkey, our apelike ancestor, to openly argue this notion. Are we really these highly advanced god-like creatures in nature’s evolutionary chain? Are we really worthy of our power to dominate the living world?

With his vibrant imaginery– has become an international language, more relevant today than ever. Sometimes playfully or ironically, Fanis Goulis narrates 12 “monkey” stories through which he passes some ambivalent messages, not to make us feel unease, just as a reminder of the today’s need to become more considerate to each other and to our environment.