Nana Vetta

12 May 2016 - 04 Jun 2016


07.06 – 04.07/2016

The solo exhibition with works by Nana Vetta will be inaugurated on Tuesday 7 June 2016, at 8.00 p.m. The exhibition will close on Monday 4 July 2016. Curator: Elizabeth Plessa.

Nana Vetta presents 21 new works made during the last two years. Her paintings explore the areas of pure abstraction looking for the innate values of colour and tracing the behaviour of painting matter. With clear references to abstract expressionism, the colour range is set each time from the start and the surfaces are worked with bodily gestures – chiseling, erasing, adding, removing. Accumulations of worn, grinded, tortured matter, compose images of painterliness which arouse the eye inviting the tactile senses. Each painting here, begins from the choice of its colour scale, until the work has become the palette which made it, a palette which is unique for each one. Depth occurs from the differentiations of the tones, which, in turn, are the result of the same overriding procedure to which the whole work has been subjected. The gradations of colours, the alternations of texture, the tensions of painterly script, are in constant succession in the form of painterly streaks of flow, usually vertical, which are shaped from lined up arrangements and erasures, intermediary ‘passages’, endless parallel painterly courses. Through her faith in the autonomy of her materials, Nana Vetta attempts incessantly to bring into being tensions and pressures of painterly coexistences, to reveal landscapes of matter.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a fully illustrated, bilingual (Greek-English), catalogue with an introductory essay by the curator of the exhibition, Elizabeth Plessa.