Nikos Angelidis

11 Feb 2016 - 07 Mar 2016

Solo Painting Exhibition

11.02 – 07.03/2016

Nikos Angelidis (b. 1957) presents at Skoufa Gallery 29 new works – 28 oil paintings and works on paper – as well as one construction, all made during the last three years.

Angelidis’ works are noted for the accuracy of their realism and the narrative dimension of their images, which hover between dream and enigma:

Landscapes with forgotten children’s toys, over-sized fruits inhabiting houses in which they hardly fit, three-cycled birds-toys bearing night gifts to houses-dollhouses, princely birds wearing elaborate human armours.

The tiniest corner of the painted surface is closely-knit with brushstrokes which seem to have been engraved – that is why the drawings or the preliminary studies for the oil paintings by Nikos Angelidis bear the mark of the exact same obsession with detail. His works constitute a privileged field for a realism that has been achieved slowly and thoroughly, and which defies every single law of linear or aerial perspective.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a fully illustrated, bilingual (Greek-English), catalogue with an introductory essay by the curator of the exhibition, Elizabeth Plessa.