Thanassis Makris

19 Oct 2023 - 11 Nov 2023


A solo exhibition by Thanassis Makris

“Thanassis Makris’Idols”

Opening Day: 19th October 2023, 19.30-21.30

Duration: 19th October – 11th November 2023


Skoufa Gallery presents Thanassis Makris’ new solo exhibition, titled “Thanassis Makris’ Idols” with a group of paintings executed during the last few years. The opening of the exhibition is on the 19th October, (from 19.30 to 21.30) and it will run until the 11th November 2023.


With these paintings, Makris confronts thoughts, emotions & past experiences and transfers his inner world on the canvas. His boats fight against huge waves and become the dominant subject of his compositions, while chapels become the focal point of landscapes, familiar to him.


Lambini Karakouti, author of the text that accompanies the exhibition mentions that “Makris’ subject-matter, either a boat or a chapel, functions in one dimension. Height, length and distance are removed in order to experience the volume and the shape which are the only remaining elements. Space and form are isolated and the use of color reveals the essence of the subject, underlying the artist’s intention for an inner rejuvenation and understanding of the natural world in all its aspects. The dominance of the artist’s emotional world and the tactile impasto of his brushstrokes, contribute to an autonomous painting action… On the whole, the pictures of this exhibition prove that Thanassis Makris’ painting does not focus on a mere depiction of landscapes. His intention is to depict specific landscapes that he has visited in the past, interpreted in a painterly manner.”