The Pop Evolution

08 Jul 2018 - 27 Jul 2018

“Pop art is for everyone”

Andy Warhol


Skoufa Gallery Mykonos is happy to announce the Opening of the Group Exhibition entitled “The Pop Evolution”, on Sunday, 08 July 2018, at 20.00. The exhibition will run until the 26th of July 2018.

True to its mission, Skoufa Gallery presents the work of 3 international contemporary Artists, representing the Neo-Pop art movement, a very vivid and wide spread trend on the global art market.

With references to Pop art and two of its leading representatives, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, the exhibition explores the key elements and artistic influences of contemporary pop art through the work of Jeff Koons, Patrick Rubinstein and Dimitri Likissas.

Starting with the American Jeff Koons, he is considered as the epitome of the Neo-Pop movement of the 1980s. Being widely known for his iconic balloon animal sculptures, a series of which will be presented in this exhibition, Koons has built a bridge between high art and popular culture, kitch and and high aesthetic, fashion and fine art. Self-characterized as populist, he has turned to be one of the world’s most famous artists.

Patrick Rubinstein, representing the so called Kinetic Pop Art, is a French contemporary artist, famous for his diverse style that represents a mixture of paintings, photos, images, and portraits. His creations are optical illusions and games that offer multidimensional views, depending on the angle, while at the same time, juxtaposing vibrant colors that evoke pleasant emotions and reactions. He succeeds to make images look alive, by developing kinetic universes.

Dimitri Likissas, Belgian born artist with Greek roots, is best known for his colored dots arrangements which transform imagery into abstract. Strongly influenced by Pop artists Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, his art is an exciting optical experience since his pictographic arrangement seems to emerge ahead of our vision boundaries.