15 Nov 2018 - 10 Nov 2018


Solo exhibition

On Thursday, November 15 at 7.30 pm, at Gallery Skoufa, the launch event of the solo exhibition of Vassilis Perros, titled “Arc”, will take place.

The particular section of his works, that combines- while processing its constructing technique- engraving with painting, is overall created on wood, with the use of oil, graphite and mixed material.

The artist combines in an imaginative way, along with his personal versions, of course, the neo graphic idiom, so that he can, as expressively and as propoundly set, a rather enigmatic picturisation that mainly operates through the dimensions of the symbolic connotation and poetic allegory.

The Arc, as referred by the Art Historian, Athina Schina, in the catalogue’s complementary text, «refers to a series of bionymals, that are presented balancing marginally between the questions and the queries that are both derived by the memories and life’s realities, as well as the realities that we experience in various ways in relation to the archetypes that we recall and the extensions that we form with our fantasy, so that we connect the visible with the invisible”

The exhibition’s works, among others, comprise an enchanting and coded, at the same time, a mental but humanistic voyage. This trip bridges the conscious with the unconscious, individuality with collectivity, relationships and references, it works with empathy, and transformation or transduction. Through its proper paradoxes, a type of an informal timeline is created. In the views of the eroticism and the questions, the querries and our exclamation marks, the artist saves various experiences and values from life’s memorandum, his and our, as they are transferred through our dreams and our longings, through the possible subversions of life and our nightmares”, finally our saving expectations and life giving hopes, being the protagonists.

Curator: Art Historian Athina Schina