Blue Line

22 Ιούλ 2016 - 04 Αυγ 2016

In this exhibition, three Greek renowned Fine Art Photographers, Efi Haliori, Katerina Kaloudi and Yiorgis Yerolymbos are capturing the captivating sea, creating stunning minimalistic seascapes.

Each one expressing their personal photographic idiom constitutes a report on the beauty of the sea, in which simplicity and purity dominates. Τhe line of the horizon plays the leading role on the frame and becomes the center of attention. This blue line of water and air lies before the eyes of the viewer, symbolizing vitality, the core of our very existence.

EfI Haliori through her work forms an observation in time that flows and proceeds to the realization that nothing is constant. Her pictures, being shot in various seasons, hours of the day and weather conditions, succeed their originality through repetition. Katerina Kaloudi brings out the mystical transformations of the Aegean Sea under the greek light and the force of the cycladic winds, while her work reveals a spiritual aspect. Yorgis Yerolymbos exhibits photographs, as part of his “mare liberum” series. With Reference to Hugo Grotius, Yerolympos aims to express the incomparable sense of true freedom the sea evokes. Liberated from any possessiveness and beyond any use, the sea travels our mind to thousands of places, faces, emotions, and moments.

The blue line welcomes the viewer to a deep dive into the water of the everlasting sea!