Mystical Rhythms

18 Ιούλ 2021 - 31 Ιούλ 2021

Mykonos – Skoufa Gallery  is pleased to present Dimitris Dokos’ solo exhibition entitled “Mystical Rhythms” .

The exhibition will be on view from 18th July towards July 31.

Dimitris Dokos became widely known through his splendid street art creations that obsessively portray scarabs in a plethora of geometrical patterns, shapes and colors. He started his artistic experimentation as a prolific street artist during the mid 2000’s and his work can still be found in the streets of Athens.

In his new body of work, the artist activate a visual language where mystical symbols, ideograms and patterns unfold a whole new meaning in relation to the everyday psyche and collective thinking.

Through his esoteric mindset, Dokos creates a nonlinear storyline, sometimes chaotic (reminiscent of the urban lifestyle) other times strictly composed as a computer graphic, though always beating in a rhythmical abstraction and mysticism.