International Contemporary Artists 2016

06 Αυγ 2016 - 22 Αυγ 2016

Featuring a selection of international artists and presenting a wide range of aesthetic styles of various disciplines, the show aims to explore the current artistic approaches and trends in the international contemporary art scene, as represented by 7 upcoming artists from around the world.

From digital art, to mixed media, painting and sculpture, Skoufa Mykonos showcases for the first time 7 unusual artists to look out for in 2016.

Loyal to its mission, Skoufa Gallery Mykonos aims to offer a diverse aesthetic experience and become a unique art hub of both local and international artistic expression, within the context of Mykonos environment.

Featuring Artists:

Kadir Akyol (Turkey), Luis Bivar (Portugal), Toby Boothman (France), Manuel Felisi (Italy), Aaron Majoros (Hungary), Derrick Santini (UK), Annemarie Wright (UK)