08 Ιούλ 2016 - 20 Ιούλ 2016

Featuring artworks by renowned, as well as emerging Greek artists, and through various disciplines and aesthetic approaches, the show aims to travel its viewers into the visual paths of the summer “paradise”.

Inspired by the dreamlike Summer and the surrounding environment of Mykonos, the exhibition reflects the mood and the unique atmosphere of the island, which becomes the main scenery of the narration. Stunning seascapes, carefree summer scenes, the irresistible Greek nature, sensual bathers are some of the elements that compose the “paradise”, where playfulness, pleasure and euphoria dominate.

With the vivid and colorful palette of the summer, under the bright Mykonian sky, we welcome our audience to reimagine their personal “Garden of Eden”, as the ideal place of timeless harmony and joy.


Participating Artists:

Nikos Angelidis, Gerogia Gremouti, Tania Dimitrakopoulou, Stella Kapezanou, Ioanna Kafida, Antonia Kontaksi, Andreas Kontellis, Mariko Lambert, Danae Megreli, Thekla Papadopoulou, Manolis Romantzis, Pavlos Samios, Maria Trillidou.