Presenting the Contemporary Middle East

08 Αυγ 2015 - 27 Αυγ 2015

Participating Artists:

Bouthayna Al Muftah (Qatar)

Perryhan El- Ashmawi (Bahrain)

Pinar Du Pre (Turkey)

Carlo Massoud (Lebanon)

In recent years, there has been a renaissance in the arts of the Arab world. Receiving considerable attention from Museums, private buyers, curators and historians, Middle Eastern Contemporary art is quickly finding a captivated audience in the West. With the proliferation of social media and the Internet, borders and barriers are being overcome, allowing the message and the medium of these artists to be enjoyed throughout the world.

These artists, having gone through major sociopolitical and economic changes, have developed a spectrum of subjects, from tradition to modernity, while at the same time keeping extremely artistically current. As a result, an amazing selection of artists has arisen.

Mykonos has undoubtedly become a hit international destination. Its proximity to the grandiose ancient locus of Delos together with the island’s unique architecture, its beautiful cobalt waters and the bare beauty of its terrain, have helped attract an array of refined and culturally curious international tourists. As we are moving towards a truly globalized world, it is this multicultural audience, which annually fills the picturesque cobblestone streets of Mykonos and provides the opportunity to present a series of works created by Middle Eastern artists.

This is the first Contemporary Middle Eastern exhibition of its type in Greece, in an effort to spark a diverse dialogue under the Greek Mykonian sky.

Curated by Marilena Koutsoukou