Yannis MIHAILIDIS and Christina NAKOU

29 Αυγ 2015 - 10 Σεπ 2015

Yannis MIHAILIDIS ‘Ten Watercolours’

In the section of this exhibition presenting Yannis Mihailidis’ works, ten watercolours are dispalyed. The artistis calls them ‘hydrographies’, as he himself suggests it’s because ‘I write with water and the water leaves its mark on me’.

The art historian Elizabeth Plessa has noted, “Water, land, man-made structures destined to exist on waves and expire on soil, the magical wear and tear of time, these are the sources of Mihailidis’ personal iconography”.

Furthermore she writes, “A world of water runs through Mihailidis’ art, perhaps best known for his obsession with the nature of materials, his love for paper and his endless interventions on painting surfaces, which started out in a representational mode, almost geometrical, only to find its identity in an expressionist rendition of primordial imagery originating in the very behaviour of the materials”.

Brief CV: Born in the island of Skiathos in 1940, Yannis Mihailidis lives and works in Athens and Pelion. He has exhibited his works in both solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Christina NAKOU ‘Mosaic Applications’

The works presented by Christina Nakou in this exhibition are mosaic designs applied on everyday utilitarian objects. More specifically, the art of mosaic design and creation is applied on coffee tables.

Inspired by the living underwater environment of the sea, Nakou creates works which represent familiar crabs, fish and lobsters, imagery which is familiar of the famous Greek summer.

The mosaics are autonomous art works, created on light aluminum surfaces which are then fitted on the metallic bases of the tables. So, the mosaics can be also applied autonomously on the wall.

Brief CV: Christina Nakou was born in Athens in 1973. She studied at the School of Fine Arts in Athens specializing in painting and mosaic. She has exhibited her works in both solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.